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O&D ElectricalEV specialise in home, commercial and workplace electric car charging port installation.

Electric Car Charging

At O&D ElectricalEV, our expert advisors can help you choose the best EV home charger for you. Whether it’s the convenience of a tethered charge point or the flexibility of a socketed one, O&D ElectricalEV has you covered.

A tethered charging point has its own integrated cable, whereas a socketed point requires a separate cable connecting with each use. If you’re unsure of which electric car charging solution you’d prefer, please contact our expert advisors to discuss the right option for you.

O&D EV Standard Home Installation

To qualify for a standard home installation, the following criteria must be met. Extra charges may apply if the installation differs from the terms below.​

A standard installation includes:​

  • Installation of circuit cable up to a distance of 10 metres (clipped direct). This is the cable from your consumer unit to the charge point location.
  • Installation of the charge point to a permanent structure. E.g. masonry wall, post.
  • A spare way on the consumer unit and space adjacent to install a separate RCD unit for the charge point.
  • No groundworks. We can carry out groundworks but this must be agreed and quoted prior to installation date.
  • Earthing arrangements and bonding must comply with current regulations (IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition)
  • The incoming supply must be adequate enough to allow the additional load of an Electric Vehicle Charging Point.

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