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We are experts in CCTV installations in both the home and at business premises.

Home CCTV Systems

There was a time when CCTV systems were only for big businesses or the very wealthy. Nowadays, a domestic CCTV system is a great way of protecting your home, family and your possessions and it can be installed for less than you may think!

Protecting what is yours is easier than ever and a professionally-installed and easy-to-use CCTV system from us can be used to monitor your home, your garage, your garden, your driveway, your cars – all the things that are important to you!

We can install CCTV cameras to protect any part of your property or home, both inside and outside if required.

Our CCTV cameras can be discreet or obvious, depending on your needs and are an effective way or deterring potential criminals and capture any crimes that may occur, and be used as evidence.

Business CCTV Systems

We will design and install modern CCTV camera systems for your small or large business. Our high-resolution, state-of-the-art equipment and bespoke payment options are ideal for small or large businesses as well as franchise businesses – helping you secure your business for less.

Each year businesses lose millions of Pounds in lost revenue through theft and a large percentage of thefts within business happen internally, i.e. members of staff stealing from employers and the business. A well designed CCTV system from us will not only capture thefts with photographic and video evidence; CCTV systems act effectively to deter thefts and criminal activity, eradicating such events before they happen.

Your business is important and with the added and enhanced security of a full CCTV system from us you get piece of mind and state-of-the-art technology to secure your business, large or small.

We have taken a fresh approach to CCTV systems and this is evident from the moment you first contact us. We listen to your needs and requirements and will design the perfect system for your business, rather than trying to make a generic system fit! Your CCTV system will be bespoke to your needs to fit in with your business monitoring and security needs.


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